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Why Choose Parkes

Parkes is ideally located for business. It is one of the most strategically significant locations in the future of transport and logistics in Australia. The Parkes Shire prides itself on welcoming new people, it is a progressive and caring community which also possesses a wonderful sense of fun and inclusiveness.

  • Geographical location – Parkes is literally the crossroads of the Nation with the Parkes Central West NSW RailNewell Highway, connecting Brisbane and Melbourne, and the transcontinental railway linking the eastern seaboard to Perth.
  • Strategic transport links which will be boosted when the Inland Rail from Melbourne to Brisbane is complete.
  • Strong Education and Health Sector.
  • Strategically placed within the Eastern Australia’s Wheat belt.
  • Agricultural Value Add opportunities
  • Parkes is classified as an Outer Regional Area (RA3) by the Department of Health and Ageing. Medical professionals moving from major city areas to Parkes may be entitled to relocation and retention benefits from the General Practice Rural Incentives Program.


Download the Parkes Regional profile

View the video: Parkes and the Inland Rail Solution


Parkes Profile


Population Icon Population  – 15,087 persons live in the Parkes region


Employees Icon

Employment – 6,789 persons are employed


Average Age Icon

Average age – 38.7 years


Education Icon

Education – 46.7% of the population is Tertiary Qualified


Household Composition Icon

Household Composition – 58% of families are a Couple with dependent children


Weekly Wage Icon

Weekly Wage – $870


Median House Price Icon

Median House Price – $251,000


Sources: ABS Census (2011) ERP (2013), Cat 8731, DEEWR (2014), NIEIR (2014), Housing NSW (2014)


Parkes Economy


GRP IconGross Regional Product

$774.1 million

The Parkes economy represents around 8% of the Central West regional economy. Between 2006 and 2011 the LGA experienced a population increase of just over 2%.

The Parkes Shire has a diverse economy. The mining industry is a key driver of the Parkes Shire’s local economy with other key industry sectors including Agriculture and forestry, Transport and warehousing, Public administration and Health care.


Key Industry Sectors

The largest sectors in the Parkes economy by total output include:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Transport and warehousing
  • Public Administration
  • Health care

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Sources: ABS Census (2011) ERP (2013), Cat 8731, DEEWR (2014), NIEIR (2014), Housing NSW (2014), A.P.SHEERE CONSULTING (2015)


Parkes Top 5 Employers

The main industries by employment in Parkes are:

  • Retail
  • Health care
  • Agriculture
  • Accommodation
  • Education and training

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Sources: ABS Census 2011, NIEIR (2014), A.P.SHEERE CONSULTING (2015)


Who has invested in Parkes

Parkes has a strong mining, agricultural and public sector. Major employers in the region include North Parkes Mine, SCT Logistics, Roads & Maritime Service (RMS) Western Region, Linfox and Asciano.



AGRICULTUREParkes Central West NSW Agriculture

The agriculture sector in Parkes is primarily comprised of sheep grazing and the production of grain crops such as wheat and barley. Recent developments in sustainable farming techniques have positioned Parkes at the forefront of innovation in the sector and present a range of opportunities to develop the agricultural sector and associated industries.


Investment Opportunities


Parkes National Logistics Hub

The Parkes National Logistics Hub has been specifically designed as a Multi-Modal Transport facility, operating 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The Hub is located on the western fringe of town, less than 5 minutes from the CBD. Major road linkages to the Hub include the Newell Highway which runs north-south between Melbourne and Brisbane and State Route 90 running between Sydney and Western NSW.


The Hub has received interest from several of Australia’s largest and most successful transport and logistics companies including Linfox, SCT Logistics and Asciano who have recognised the immense strategic importance of the development.



Major investment opportunities are available for logistics, manufacturing and distribution companies to relocate to the Hub to centralise their national warehousing and distribution operations.

For more information, please refer to Parkes National Logistics Hub



Council is currently developing a new Master Plan for Parkes Regional Airport and precinct which will include the potential for economic development for aviation industries including training and businesses which service the sector.



Parkes has an extensive fibre optic telecommunications infrastructure. Twin fibre optic cables pass through Parkes joining Brisbane and Melbourne and a third fibre optic cable connects Parkes with Sydney. This provides Parkes with an instant alternative to replace a failed cable so that no communication linkage is lost. An opportunity exists to develop a platform for a “Communications Hub” and would be of interest to a number of IT and communications businesses which rely on constant data flow and access.


Emerging Sectors

  • Transport and Logistics_RIO-TINTO-N-PARKES-AAA5702
  • Healthcare and Education
  • Retail
  • Mining
  • Renewable energy
  • Telecommunications


Gaps in Facilities and Services

  • Agricultural Value add businesses
  • Warehousing, transport and distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewable energy investment
  • Mining related industries
  • Aviation industry with the redevelopment of the airport


Incentives and Land Availability

 Local investment incentives

The decision to relocate your family and business is an important one. Parkes Shire Council can assist with providing information and support in order to help you access the best the shire has to offer.


Land availability and business locations

Parkes Industrial Estate is strategically situated on the south side of town just off the Newell Highway and is well situated for companies seeking to expand their business or establish a new business or office.

Businesses including Harvey Norman, Mitre Ten, Furniture One, Landmark and Reece Plumbing have premises in the estate with new interest from new business seeking to invest in the area.

Fully serviced Industrial land blocks are available for purchase and through lease/purchase arrangements.


Who to Contact

Parkes Shire CouncilParkes-Council-logo

Economic and Business Development Manager – Anna Wyllie

2 Cecile St, Parkes, NSW 2870

Phone 02 6861 2333