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Why Choose Lachlan

Lachlan Shire is one of the largest local government areas of New South Wales and is well-connected, with 4,500 kilometres of roads enabling an idyllic lifestyle setting.

  • Lachlan Shire sits amid two major highways leading north and south.INVEST-Agriculture-and-Forestry
  • The Newell Highway links Melbourne to Queensland through the Central West. The Kidman Way links the region towards Queensland and the Northern Territory.
  • The Mitchell Highway sits to the north and the Lachlan Valley Way connects Condobolin and Lake Cargelligo with Forbes to the east and Hillston to the west.
  • Just over 6 hours drive from Sydney.
  • Competitively priced industrial land.
  • Lachlan Shire is well-served by healthcare and educational providers making it the ideal place to live and work.
  • Lachlan is classified as a Remote Area (RA4) by the Department of Health and Ageing. Medical professionals moving from major city areas to Lachlan may be entitled to relocation and retention benefits from the General Practice Rural Incentives Program.


Download the Lachlan Regional profile


Lachlan Profile


Population Icon Population  – 6,748  persons live in the Lachlan region


Employees Icon

Employment – 2,854  persons are employed


Average Age Icon

Average age – 36.6 years


Education Icon

Education – 39.5% of the population is Tertiary Qualified


Household Composition Icon

Household Composition – 60% of families are a Couple with dependent children


Weekly Wage Icon

Weekly Wage – $827


Median House Price Icon

Median House Price – $160,000


Sources: ABS Census (2011) ERP (2013), Cat 8731, DEEWR (2014), NIEIR (2014), Housing NSW (2014)


Lachlan Economy


GRP IconGross Regional Product

$276 million


The Lachlan economy represents around 3% of the Central West regional economy.

Agricultural field Central West NSW

The agricultural sector in Lachlan Shire is very strong, accounting for nearly a third of economic activity.

Key Industry Sectors

The largest sectors in the Lachlan economy by total output include:

  • Agriculture
  • Education & Training
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining

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Sources: ABS Census (2011) ERP (2013), Cat 8731, DEEWR (2014), NIEIR (2014), Housing NSW (2014), A.P.SHEERE CONSULTING (2015)


Lachlan’s Top 5 Employers

The main industries by employment in Lachlan are:

  • Agriculture
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

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Sources: ABS Census 2011, NIEIR (2014), A.P.SHEERE CONSULTING (2015)


Who has invested in Lachlan

Businesses that have invested in Lachlan region include KBL Mining Limited – the Mineral Hill Mine, Fletchers International Exports, Paraway Pastoral Company.




The Lachlan district is a grains and livestock region. Lachlan Shire’s agricultural sector consists primarily of cereal crop production especially wheat, barley and canola, with a smaller livestock sector.



There is also a significant amount of public administration in the Lachlan Shire including Condobolin Agricultural Research Station, Central West Farming Systems, Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation, Local Land Service- Central West, Lands Council, Western Plains Regional Development, Essential Energy and TAFE Western.


Investment Opportunities


Manufacturing, transport and warehousing industries could add value to the rich array of agricultural produce in the region.



As population and the workforce increases in size, demand for these services will increase and present opportunities for business development.


Emerging Sectors

  • Value-adding Agricultural ActivitiesStrip Farming Agriculture Central West NSW
  • Educational training facilities
  • Health care facilities


Gaps in Facilities and Services

  • Government services/agencies
  • Health services
  • Businesses: auto electricians, builders, electricians
  • Occupations: nurses



Incentives and Land Availability

 Local investment incentives

The Council’s Industry Incentive Policy provides assistance for businesses Lachlan region Central West NSWwishing to establish, develop or expand within Lachlan Shire. Businesses targeted include those with a manufacturing or production component, as well as businesses with a tourism focus.

Industrial Land Incentives – With a 10% deposit there is the opportunity to make four repayments over four years. Should the development be substantially complete and an Interim Occupation Certificate (IOC) issued within 18 months, the last two instalments will not be required.

Other assistance – Council will maintain awareness of available State and Government incentives and provide financial support to developers where possible.


Land availability and business locations

Industrial land

Industrial land lots are available for purchase in Condobolin and on the Lake Cargelligo industrial estate, and various government incentives are available.


Who to Contact

Lachlan Shire Council

General Manager – Robert Hunt

58-64 Molong St, Condobolin NSW 2877

Phone 02 6895 1900