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Why Choose Cabonne

Pristine Cabonne Shire is home to Australia’s first gold rush and is well known for ballooning, food and wine, agriculture and mining.

  • Cabonne is strategically located 3.5 hours drive from Sydney and Canberra.INVEST-Cabonne
  • Regional connections with easy access to the Mitchell Highway, Escort Way and the Mid-Western Highway.
  • Access to a skilled and loyal workforce.
  • Cabonne Shire includes the quaint historical towns of Borenore, Canowindra, Cargo, Cudal, Cumnock, Eugowra, Manildra, Molong, Mullion Creek, Nashdale and Yeoval.
  • Cabonne is classified as Remote (RA4) by the Department of Health and Ageing. Medical professionals moving from major city areas to Cabonne may be entitled to relocation and retention benefits from the General Practice Rural Incentives Program.


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Cabonne Profile


Population Icon Population  – 13,695 persons live in the Cabonne region


Employees Icon

Employment – 6,026 persons are employed


Average Age Icon

Average age – 39.5 years


Education Icon

Education – 51.4% of the population is Tertiary Qualified


Household Composition Icon

Household Composition – 65.35% of families are a Couple with dependent children


Weekly Wage Icon

Weekly Wage – $933


Median House Price Icon

Median House Price – $270,000


Sources: ABS Census (2011) ERP (2013), Cat 8731, DEEWR (2014), NIEIR (2014), Housing NSW (2014)


Cabonne Economy


GRP Icon Gross Regional Product

$849 million


The Cabonne LGA accounts for approximately 9% of the total GRP of the  Central West region. The economy recorded an average annual growth in GRP of 1.8%.

Between 2006 and 2011 the LGA experienced population growth of 3.43% whilst the LGA’s
unemployment rate was comparatively low at 3.9% in June 2014.

Key Industry Sectors

The largest sectors in the Cabonne economy by total output include:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Education & Training
  • Construction

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Sources: ABS Census (2011) ERP (2013), Cat 8731, DEEWR (2014), NIEIR (2014), Housing NSW (2014),  A.P.SHEERE CONSULTING (2015)


Cabonne’s Top 5 Employers

The main industries by employment are:

  • Agriculture
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Retail


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Sources: ABS Census 2011, NIEIR (2014), A.P.SHEERE CONSULTING (2015)


Who has invested in Cabonne

Cabonne Shire is home to a number of large manufacturers including businesses that leverage local agricultural production, such as the Manildra Flour Milling, MSM Milling Manildra and Canobolas Eggs.

Cabonne’s economy was founded on agriculture, mostly grains, which still accounts for a large proportion of economic activity. Recently, agricultural activities have become more diverse and mining has played an increasing role, helping to drive economic growth. Manufacturing has also become another important economic sector specifically for food and wine products.


Investment Opportunities

FOOD MANUFACTURINGMSM Milling Cabonne Shire Central West NSW

The combination of inexpensive input costs and a progressive Council provide competitive conditions for increased manufacturing activity in the food and wine sector. There is an emerging vineyard industry ranging from a number of small specialist vineyards developed within the region to a 200-hectare vineyard with a large variety of red and white grapes.



Growth in regional mines will support further opportunities to grow the mining sector in Cabonne Shire.



The region’s attractive rural landscape, quaint towns and existing food, wine and arts sectors all support future growth in tourism.



There is significant demand for small livestock slaughter and processing in the region, especially for halal-certified goat and lamb meat.


Emerging SectorsCabonne-Balloon-Glow

  • Diverse agricultural activities
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing of food and wine products



Incentives and Land Availability

 Local investment incentives

Cabonne Council’s Economic Development Program offers a number of support programs for existing small and medium sized businesses. Objectives and initiatives include:

  •  Supporting market development, information technology use, network and skills development.
  • Enhancing existing strengths, while attracting new investment to the region and encouraging emerging industries.


Land availability and business locations

 Industrial land
  • Canowindra and Eugowra are Council owned Estates. The Molong Industrial Estate isMANILDRA-MILL-TRAIN-AAA_9157 privately owned.
  • The Shire’s largest industrial area is based in Manildra. Located half way between the regional centres of Orange and Parkes, Manildra is home to the Manildra Flour Mill and MSM Milling.


Residential property
  • Cabonne Council currently has three residential estates available for interested people moving to Canowindra, Manildra or Molong.
  • Canowindra Longs Corner Estate is located an easy 5 minutes drive from the centre of Canowindra.
  • Stage 1 of Molong Heights is now completely sold and stage 2 will be released soon. The ideal location of Molong Heights provides an elevated view of the beautiful township of Molong.
  • Manildra Residential Estate is located within the centre of the township and offers large size blocks to build your dream home.


Who to Contact

Cabonne Councilcabonne-council-logo

Economic Development Manager 

101 Bank St, Molong NSW 2866

Phone 02 6392 3252