Wholesale Trade

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Industry Overview

Industry Profile

Trends & Opportunities


Industry Overview

Wholesale trade is a form of trade in which goods are purchased and stored in large quantities and sold in batches of designated quantity to resellers, professional users or groups.

The Wholesale trade industry includes those services mainly engaged in the resale (as agents or principals) of new or used goods to businesses or to institutional (including Government) users.

Wholesale trade consists of three sub-divisions:

  • Basic material wholesaling
  • Machinery and motor vehicle wholesaling
  • Personal and household good wholesaling

Source: www.stats.oecd.org, Australian Bureau of Statistics


Industry Profile

The Wholesale Trade sector is an important industry within the Central West, providing skilled jobs and stimulus for new investment.

The Gross Regional Product Contribution is $274.22 million, accounting for 2.8% of the region’s GRP, lower than the State average (4.8%).

The Wholesale Trade sector employed approximately 1,983 residents in
2011 representing 2.7% of the region’s resident workforce.


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Industry Gross Regional Product Contribution

GRP Icon$274.22 million

The Wholesale Trade sector accounted for 2.8% of the region’s GRP.


Import Value

Import Icon$174.6 million

The import value of the Wholesale Trade sector represents 4.1% of total imports.

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Export Value

Export Icon$67.9 million

The export value of the Wholesale Trade sector represents 1.0% of total exports.


Business Icon439

Business entities are actively trading in the Wholesale Trade sector.


Employees Icon1,983

People are employed in the Wholesale Trade sector.


Sources: ABS, NIEIR, A.P. SHEERE CONSULTING, NSW Central West Region Export/Import Contribution Study, 2014.


Trends & Opportunities

Wholesale trade is a prominent import and a prime candidate for import replacement in the region. Industry trends suggest continued growth in the Wholesale Trade sector.

  • Opportunities for businesses servicing the growing agriculture and mining sectors.
  • Opportunities for businesses providing consumables to the growing population in the region.


Source: NSW Central West Region Export/Import Contribution Study, 2014, A.P. SHEERE CONSULTING