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Industry Overview

The Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector is currently under-represented locally in terms of labour specialisation. A low proportion of local businesses are in this sector compared to the state (at 5.6% compared to 12.7%).

The activities undertaken in this sector generally require a high level of expertise, training and professional qualifications.  Services in this sector include scientific research, architecture, engineering, computer systems design, law, accountancy, advertising, market research, management and other consultancy, veterinary science and professional photography.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, NSW Central West Region Export/Import Contribution Study, 2014


Industry Profile

Services provided by the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector is the primary import for the region, representing over 8% of all imports.

The sector’s services are imported by a high number of local industries, suggesting strong support for import replacement.

The Gross Regional Product Contribution for this sector is $257.21 million, accounting for only 2.7% of the region’s GRP, lower than the State average (7.8%).

The Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector employed approximately 2,652 residents in 2011 representing 3.6% of the total workforce.


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Industry Gross Regional Product Contribution

GRP Icon$257.21 million

The Professional Services sector accounted for 2.7% of the region’s GRP.


Import Value

Import Icon$476.6 million

The import value of the Professional Services sector represents 11.3% of total imports.

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Export Value

Export Icon$42.9 million

The export value of the Professional Services  sector represents approximately 0.6% of total exports.


Business Icon894

Business entities are actively trading in the Professional Services sector.


Employees Icon2,652

People are employed in the Professional Services sector.


Sources: ABS, NIEIR, A.P. SHEERE CONSULTING, NSW Central West Region Export/Import Contribution Study, 2014.


Trends & Opportunities

Industry trends suggest significant growth in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector. These services are imported by a large number of businesses in the region. This provides opportunities for new businesses to establish due to the current low level of representation within the region.


Source: NSW Central West Region Export/Import Contribution Study, 2014, A.P. SHEERE CONSULTING