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Industry Overview

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Industry Overview

The Western NSW Local Health District provides health services from major tertiary referral hospitals to multi-purpose facilities. The health services in the Central West include:

  • Two major referral hospitals (Orange and Bathurst)
  • Three district hospitals (Parkes, Forbes, Cowra)
  • Rural hospitals
  • Affiliated health services
  • Primary and Community Health Services
  • Community Mental Health Facilities


Regional Medical School

The Murray Darling Medical School is an initiative of Charles Sturt University in Orange and Wagga Wagga, and La Trobe University in Bendigo, to establish a dedicated multi-regional medical school to ensure a sustainable supply of GPs and specialists and ensure the future growth, and social and economic development, of our communities and businesses.


Industry Profile

The Health Care and Aged Care sector is a dominant employment sector and an important industry within the Central West, providing skilled jobs and stimulus for new investment.

The Gross Regional Product Contribution is  $703.81 million, accounting for 7.3% of the region’s GRP, higher than the State average (6.9%).

The Health Care and Social Assistance sector employed approximately 9,126 residents in 2011 representing the highest proportion of the region’s resident workforce at 12.5% of all employees.


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Industry Gross Regional Product Contribution

GRP Icon$703.81 million

The Health and Aged Care sector accounted for 7.3% of the Central West region’s GRP, higher than the State average (6.9%) .


Export Value

Export Icon$75.7 million

The export value of the Health and Aged Care sector represents approximately 1.1% of total exports from the region.


Business Icon548

Business entities are actively trading in the Health and Aged Care sector.


Employees Icon9,126

People are employed in the Health and Aged Care sector.


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Trends & Opportunities

The Health Care and Aged Care sector will continue to experience increased demand for new and existing services as a consequence of the ageing population. This will be particularly noticeable for the 65 years of age and over cohort which is expected to increase by 61% over the next 20 years. Some of the headline opportunities for growth across the Central West region in this industry are anticipated to be as follows:

  • The ageing population will drive additional demand for health services with opportunities in aged care, residential facilities, nursing homes and other infrastructure options for seniors living,  health and community services
  • Partnerships with metropolitan medical schools to host students and medical specialists locally
  • Creating additional value through growth from the export of health services, including the provision of services to residents travelling to the Central West for treatment and patient care, and advanced training services to developing countries

Source: NSW Central West Region Export/Import Contribution Study, 2014, A.P. SHEERE CONSULTING




The Central West region is eligible for the Department of Health Orange-Health-3and Ageing General Practice Rural Incentives Program that provides relocation and retention benefits for medical professionals moving from major cities to regional areas. Visit the Department of Health for further information.



Major Infrastructure Projects

Lachlan Health Service – Parkes Hospital

The NSW Government has committed $72.5m towards the Parkes Hospital redevelopment  which will also provide a number of opportunities including attracting medical staff.

Lachlan Health Service – Forbes Hospital

The NSW Government has committed $40.9m for the refurbishment of the Forbes Hospital.